Negroni Week at Can Tho Kitchen

Can Tho Kitchen is celebrating Negroni Week with Ink Gin cocktail specials running until Sunday.

Negronis are an absolute classic, and they are really simple to make. Just build & stir over ice - easy! The team at Can Tho Kitchen have been kind enough to share the recipes to these beautiful cocktails. Enjoy. 



She Sells Sea Shells

  • 30ml Ink Gin

  • 30ml Campari

  • 20ml Oyster Shell Infused Rosso Vermouth

In a mixing glass, stir all ingredients together until ice cold. Strain into glass & garnish with an orange twist. 



Barrel Aged Negroni

  • 30ml Ink Gin

  • 30ml Campari

  • 15ml Rosso vermouth

Barrel aged for 1 month & served on ice with an orange twist. 





Last Night In Hoi An

  • 30ml Ink Gin

  • 30ml Campari

  • 15ml Rosso Vermouth

  • 2 Dashes Rhubarb Bitters

  • Topped W/ Lychee Foam

Stir down Ink Gin, Campari & Rosso Vermouth, add bitters & top with foam. 

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