Hello World Gin Day


There’s an International World Day for just about everything, but let’s face it - is any day more popular than World Gin Day?

Ink Gin cocktail on cane spiral stool

It’s time to toast the ubiquitous white (blue, purple, pink!) spirit, and we’ve teamed up with our friends down the coast at Cape Byron Distillery to create a gin-filled Tour de Juniper day.

This magical botanical bus tour will celebrate all things gin this Saturday with a G&T tour of both Husk Farm Distillery and Cape Byron Distillery, with a picnic lunch with the pioneers/masters of the gin pig, Three Blue Ducks.

To understand gin we must take a step back to the middle ages, when gin originated as a herbal elixir. Yes, you heard it - for medicinal purposes. Gin gained popularity over time, becoming a favourite of the likes of King William III, before infiltrating the larders of upper-class society the UK over.

Fast-forward to today, and and the global craft craze has seen gin become one of the most diverse and popular spirits in bars and bottle shops around the world. No longer constrained to the classic London dry style, you can now find infused and flavoured gins to suit any palate, with distillers incorporating unusual indigenous and foraged botanicals. While all distillers must abide by the Juniper rule, the only limit is their creativity.

Ink Gin is made with thirteen native, traditional and exotic botanicals, sourced from eight countries. Created as a way to capture and display the beautiful butterfly pea flower in a spirit, each botanical was selected to complement and balance the flower in perfect harmony.

The 12 distilled botanicals include lemon myrtle leaf, sun-dried orange peel, Tasmanian pepper berry, elderflower and of course juniper berries. After distillation comes infusion with the butterfly pea petals, imparting a beautiful smoothness and deep indigo colour.

While the origins of World Gin Day aren’t as clear those of the spirit itself, there’s no doubt that this Saturday, distillers and gin-lovers alike will be raising a glass of gin, to gin. Try this easy elderflower G&T recipe to kick-off the festivities, or check out our favourite cocktail recipes


Pour 45ml Ink Gin over ice and top up with Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic. Stir in a dash of elderflower liqueur. Garnish with a rosemary sprig and edible flowers.

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